Attendees and Presentations

This page contains the latest attendee list for the Summit as well as the summit presentations. Presentations will be loaded at the end of each conference day.

Workshop Attendees

Attendees June 30


Presentations Day 1

Day 1 Ivor Frischknecht

Day 1 Melanie Madders

Day 1 Tim Langmead

Day 1 Will Rayward-Smith

Day 1 Keith Ashby

Day 1 Mike Kevan

Day 1 Jurgen Zimmerman

Day 1 Samantha McGahan

Day 1 Michel Carreau

Day 1 Javier Vaquerizo

Day 1 Graham Winkelman – not available outside of conference

Day 1 Lance Moody

Presentations Day 2

Day 2 John Davidson

Day 2 Rajesh Mehta

Day 2 Ned Harvey